Grain Collection Intelligent Supervision
CivilGas Cylinder (LPG/CNG) Intelligent Supervisio

Project Solution—Grain Collection IntelligentSupervision

        The prior food safety and security in the grain processingamong all food industries starts from grain collection, which is the first stepto take for national grain security project。 Whetherstate-owned grain reservesor grain storage and processing enterprises that need to acquire enormousamounts of grain each year, the unavoidable status quo is that traditionalmanual operations often have various loopholes。 Because grain sellers need togo through the process of setting up the file, sampling, sample delivery, inspection,confirmation, weighting, warehousing, settlement,etc。 Eachprocess containsgreat deal of human labor that causes complexity of communication and unclearwork procedure. The traditional management model causes human factors tointerfere too much with the entire grain collectionprocess that causescomplexity in communication and unclearprocedures. These labor-involved jobsare not only inefficient, but also causes serious mistakes that brought great loss to enterprises.

   Underthe background of the country's vigorous promotion of “smart food” and“scientific and technological grain” program, Ability invested inthedevelopment of an integrated solution with multiple patents support – Grain CollectionIntelligent Inspection System.The Grain Acquisition Intelligent Supervision Systemhas made a full-process optimization and revolutionary change to the grainpurchase management, combiningadvanced management concepts, cutting-edgeInternet of Things technologies and internationally advanced automation equipment.Realize the electronic information of the whole process, process automation,and intelligent supervision。 Block the gray trading chain, realize the sunshineprocurement, subvert the traditional management concept, integrate innovation,and completely solve the ills in the grain purchase field.


Magnetic Vehicle Electronic Tags Enable Intelligent Access

In terms of process supervision, the grain vehicles are trackedby RFID technology through placing active monitoring vehicle electronic tags onthe grain trucks, which can automatically identify and actively monitor thestatus of the vehicle and the information it carries. If the status of thetruck doesn’t match the collection standard, alarm with be activated. Throughinformation interaction terminal, completely replace the backward method of manuallyfilling out documents and registration, etc., improving the overall efficiencyand ensuring the accuracy in the process.

Sample Transfer Automation

In the process of grain sampling and samples transfer, theautomatic machinery is used to make the sampling machine and the sampleinspection automatic transmission system perfectly match, so that the sampleextraction and transfer process can fully realize the mechanical automationoperation。 In the inspection section, after the sampling procedure, samples areautomatically filled into the electronic sample container, and the two-waycommunication is used to bind the sample information to the grain truckinformation, and is transmitted to the inspection room/lab through the sampleinspection automatic transmission system. Set out the disordered and mixedsample in the operation of the automatic sample transmission equipment.


Impurity & Bulk Density Detection,Moisture Inspection Automation

In the process of grain sample transfer, online detectionof impurities and bulk density of food, on-line moisture analyzing, and realtime transferring data to the Industrial Internet of Things Quality Inspection System.The system has a high degree of automation, the whole inspection andmeasurement process complete in 3 minutes to obtain accurate data, stablefunction, real-time data and speed. Solving the shortcomings caused by humanlabor involvement such as low loopholes.

Informatization of Grain InspectionProcess

In terms of inspection and supervision, all inspection datais uploaded to the “Industrial Internet of Things Quality Inspection System” inreal time manner. In order to increase the inspection accuracy and reduce humaninterfere factors, the standard sample can be added among samples that arewaiting to be inspected. The standard sample data is recorded in the IIoTQuality Inspection System for comparison. Employees can scan their
work card thenthe test result is bound to the specific person, therefore, responsibility is traceable.



(Application in the field)


Electronic Settlement

The quality inspection results are recorded in the IIoT QualityInspection System and displayed in real time on the LED screen in the waitinghall. The grain sellers can check the results and decide whether to completethe selling the process.


The Grain Collection Intelligent Inspection System checksand manages all aspects of the process, and makes the entire grain collectionprocess electronic, automatic, to achieve intelligent supervision, protectingthe benefits of grain purchase enterprises, and let enterprises completely preventloses from happening caused by human labor. Reduce economic losses, improveoverall efficiency, and enhance corporate economic efficiency. Strictly controlthe grain collection process, it is also the first security lock for foodsecurity, for enterprises to simply collect.

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           Solutions—CivilGas Cylinder (LPG/CNG) Intelligent Supervision System

     According to the industry related datareport in 2018, there are in total 390 civil gas cylinder explosions nationalwide, 28 victims, 371 people injured. Among all reported gas cylinder explosionaccidents, averagely 70% happened in households. In order to increase thesafety of using civil gas cylinder, Ability invented civil gas cylinderintelligent supervision system for the regulatory authorities, households, andgas stations to supervise the safety situation of civil gas cylinder.


RFID Technology toAchieve Gas Cylinder Life Cycle Supervision

According to the needsof the industry, Ability invested in the independent research and developmentof civil gas cylinder intelligent supervision system, and took the lead inselecting RFID technology as the second-generation special equipmentsupervision technology. Because RFID technology, to compare with barcodes and QRcodes, has the features such as non-contact and long-distance reading, evensurface scratches and stains do not affect the reading effect, and compliancewith other advantages such as anti-counterfeiting, encryption technology, reusable,full traceability, information control, which can better reduce labor costs,improve work efficiency, reduce investment in anti-counterfeiting andcounterfeiting.

The user can quickly and easilyunderstand the basic information, safety information, gas filling information,inspection information, etc. of the gas cylinder by scanning the RFID tag.Ability’s RFID gas cylinder tag already built a trust worthy characteristic, aslong as the cylinder that hangs the orange electronic tag, indicates that the gascylinder is safe and secure.


Features of Ability Gas CylinderRFID Electronic Tag:

1. Versatility of usage, anycylinder can be put on.

2. Easy to assemble, no specialtools required, manual installation time ≤ 10s.

3. Imported chips, PC engineeringplastic package, safe and explosion-proof.

4。 Low cost of use, reusable,one-time investment, gas cylinder life-long use throughout the life cycle。

5. It is not duplicable and hasuniqueness compared to ordinary labels (such as QR code and barcode).

6。 RFID tag holds National invention patent, and industryleading innovation。



Overall solution(supervisory cloud + RFID tag + smart gas filling terminal + PDA)


Civil Gas Cylinder Supervisory Cloud

It has strict permission settings only for the regulatoryauthorities to read the gas filling status of any gas station within thejurisdiction and the life cycle information of any cylinder, which includes thedata record of all circulation links of the cylinder "leave manufacture—gasfilling—user—inspection—scrapped"。

Since the data uploaded in cloud is traceable, the cylinderinformation includes initial information when leave the manufacture, periodicinspection, inspection data, gas filling control, user real name system, scrappedcylinder registration, statistics and analysis of safety data 。 The solutionimproved the efficiency of gas cylinder dynamic safety management, allows thesupervision is implemented and leaves no blind spot。


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