product description
Grain Acquisition Inspection Intellectualization
Civil Gas Cylinder Supervision
Automatic Sample Inspection and Transferring System
Qualification: Design Patent
Design Patent: ZL 2014 1 0147403。9
Size: L2497mm×W2229mm×H2150mm
Application: Labor unattended, automatic sample tracking and
Functions: Functions: samples receiving, disorder, mixing, transferring.
RFID Sample Container
Qualification: Utility Patent
Design Patent: ZL 2014 20632216。5
Size: L340mm×W240mm×H100mm
Application: receive and transfer the sample and its information
Functions: enhance the efficiency of quality control.
Vehicle Magnetic Label
Qualification: Utility Patent
Design Patent: ZL 2013 2 0725419.4
Size: 160mm*50mm*68mm
Application: vehicle tracking
Functions: use RFID to identify the vehicle and connect to the alarm system
Grain Automatic Online Inspection System
Qualification: Utility Patent
Design Patent: ZL 2016 1 1058358。5
Size: Medium size intellectual machinery
Application: Grain Moisture Testing and Impurifies Separation
Functions: 3 min processing time, accurate and effective
Integrated Issuing Terminal
Design Patent:
Application: Specialty for Issuing Magnetic Vehicle Electronic Tags
Functions: The Reading Function of Magnetic Vehicle Electronic Tags and ID Cards
Intelligent Reading Terminal
Design Patent:
Application: Automatically Read Electronic Tag Information
Functions: Identify Illegal  Vehicles and Terminate Sales
Intelligent Gas Tank Filling Terminal
Qualification: Utility Model Patent
Design Patent: 201621275076。6
Application: Intelligent Gas Tank Filling
Functions: Control the Amount of Inflation, only Inflating the Legal Cylinder
RFID Hanging Lock for Liquified Gas Tank
Qualification: Patent of Invention
Design Patent: ZL 2011 1 0130400。0
Application: Cylinder Identification
Functions: Line pack, inspection, track down expired tanks
Design Patent:
Application: 判断气瓶的身份合法性
Functions: 自动读取电子标签信息
Qualification: 安全防爆
Design Patent:
Application: 气瓶使用流程的相关数据上传
Functions: 与电子标签数据关联及上传
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